Monday, February 24, 2014

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Socks

It began innocently enough.

Well. As innocent as it can be, when one clearly has a severe case of Pink Sock Envy.

While on my recent mission trip to Hawaii, I happened to notice one of the ladies wearing a GORGEOUS pair of bright, neon-pink socks. I couldn't help but notice them, actually, as they were so bright, so PINK, that they were all but glowing in the dark. They practically screamed, "LOOK AT ME!!", and since that's sorta' my personality, I couldn't help but admire them. So, I complimented Miss Lark on her fabulous choice of footwear that morning:

"Those pink socks are AMAZING!" I said, adding, "I can't help but think that those pink socks would look fabulous on ME!!!"

We both giggled, and moved on with our day….

As it was one of my responsibilities to do the group's laundry each morning, I couldn't help but notice the socks as they came through the wash room the next day. I dutifully washed and folded them, and added them to Miss Lark's laundry pile…but I couldn't resist teasing Miss Lark later that evening.

"Hey, Miss Lark…you know those pink socks of yours that I liked so much??" I asked, innocently…and not waiting for an answer, I added, "The dryer may or may not have made them mysteriously disappear…."

We all laughed, but who would have guessed that the game of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pink Socks had just begun??

Early the next morning, I stumbled out of bed at an ungodly hour, and while still in the dark, so as not to disturb my roommate, I made my way to the restroom for a quick shower. Afterwards, I headed back to the room to quickly make my bed…but imagine my shock when I discovered Lark's pink socks…under my pillow.

"WHAH???" I jumped back in horror. "How the heck did THOSE get under my pillow??!!!" My brain (which wasn't quite awake, mind you) quickly tried to deduce how a pair of pink socks had ended up in my bed. Did I put them there? Accidentally? Was I a secret Pink Sock Kleptomaniac without even realizing it?? How would I explain to Lark that I had (inadvertently, mind you) swiped her pink socks??

Then…reason set in.

If you have spent any time with me at all, you know that the children's classic, "The Princess and the Pea", was clearly written about ME. Yes. True. Heck, it doesn't even take a pea in my bed to make me toss and turn all night - it can be a grain of SAND in my bed that will DRIVE. ME. INSANE. all night long…so there was NO way, NO how, that a pair of socks were under my pillow during the night while I slept blissfully unaware. Nope.

Which meant that Lark had somehow gotten my roommate in on this and was now playing a game with me. Well. Two can play at that game.

So…the pink socks made their way back to Lark's room that day…hidden in a super-secret place, that must not have been so SUPER secret after all, because they then made their way back to MY room, and then back to Lark's room, and so on…and so on…and so on. The rest of the mission team got into this game, and every so often, someone would sidle up to me and whisper, "Where are the socks??" And I would reply, "They're in Lark's room." And they would say, "Are you SURE??" And I thought I was sure…but maybe I wasn't so sure.

Drat. I have to go find the socks.

I seriously spent HALF OF MY FREE TIME hunting for Neon Pink Socks. Gah. No wonder I never had time to blog.

The trip was soon coming to a close, and I thought I had once and for all given Miss Lark back the Neon Pink Socks…hiding them in her suitcase so deep and buried that she would NEVER find them until she was safely back home. Imagine my surprise when I opened my OWN suitcase on our last day to this note:

"Wear in good health - thanks for everything. The Sock Fairy"

…along with several pairs of FABULOUS neon socks, that all scream, "LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!!!"

…and all just happen to coordinate nicely with my running shoes, perfectly!!!

Lark wins.

There was a good reason that I loved the pink socks…they not only matched my running shoes, but they also match my favorite Super Pink Spiderman Running outfit:

When I said that I like clothes that say, "Look at MEEEEEE!!!" - it's not necessarily about being narcissistic. It's about being safe. When you're a runner…and you're running along dark lake roads in the dusk…any edge you can have to get a driver to sit up and take notice…can keep you alive and well.

And Neon Pink Socks will do that.



P.S. The group leader of the team got into the action, as well, by gifting me a few pairs of MORE pink socks that will ALSO match my favorite outfit:

Thanks, Dwayne!!!

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