Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Beef With February

I hate the month of February.


As far back as high school, I can remember lamenting the awfulness that is known as February.

It's just a horrible, sucky month that - other than Valentine's Day, with it's promise of chocolates and roses and such, really has nothing else going for it (with apologies to anyone who happened to be born during this period). Seriously, knowing that it was such an awful month, even God got into the spirit, by only giving it twenty-eight days, as even HE knew that we couldn't suffer through this month for one day longer.

There's no football on Sundays anymore…and baseball has really yet to begin. I'm in full-blown sports withdrawal right now, and try as I might, the NBA games or college basketball games will just not cut it. I want something that's played outside - on a field…not on a court, inside an arena.

The days are getting temptingly longer, but it's still just too darn cold to be outside to enjoy them. During these snowy and frosty mornings, I have to run indoors, on the dreaded treadmill (or "dreadmill", as some call it - for good reason.) My feet are itching to run on pavement, while my lungs breathe in fresh, clean air….

We're at that point in the winter season that it seems to have taken a permanent hold, tightening it's grip on Mother Nature, keeping the trees bare and the grass dormant and the flowers hidden…spring seems so tantalizing close, and yet…so far away.

The lake outside my window seems to have permanently frozen over, and I catch myself checking it every morning, hoping against hope that I'm seeing signs of a thaw…but not yet. Not this week. Not for a few days to come, perhaps.


All I know is…March can come in like a lion…or like a lamb…I don't care, just as long as it comes, with it's promise of spring, sunshine, birds, warmth…and baseball.

Yes. I need those things.

And life will be good.



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