Monday, May 18, 2009

Grace in Small Things 7:365

1. Having the joy and privilege of being the Brownie leader for 8 wonderful, amazing, awesome, young ladies.

2. Completing a successful mission trip in a place that is in need of God's grace and love.

3. Bonding with fellow mission trip participants - sharing stories, laughs, and good times, while doing good work and God's work the whole time. Completing relational ministry while on said mission trip with the people you are serving - sharing God's love and grace and support.

4. Coming home from successful mission trips to a family who understands your need for 'getting out there' and making a difference and embraces you and loves you for it anyway.

5. Unpacking and getting all the laundry done after said trip. I love nothing more knowing that all laundry is done. And folded. And put away. Life is good.


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