Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best Birthday Ever

Hey, does this blog look zippier? Flashier? Fresher?


Well. I don't know why not.

I mean, after all, I'm typing it on my BRAND NEW & IMPROVED Mac Pro laptop that I got today...

And all I had to do to deserve this zippier, flashier, and fresher computer was have a birthday and turn the ripe old age of 49.

Today was seriously the best birthday, like, ever.

Breakfast of cinnamon rolls served while in bed.

A trip to the Apple store so I could pick out a new and improved laptop. Nothing against my old Mac, but it was 2 years old, which in computer years, is like 40 years old.

I did have a small moment of panic when I had to leave my old laptop at Apple so they could transfer all of my data to the new one. Yikes. They said it would take 24-48 hours, and I had a slight anxiety attack, thinking I would be without data and internet and Google and Facebook for possibly up to 2 days. OMG. What would I do??!!

I reluctantly left the old and the new Macs at the Apple store, and walked around the Country Club Plaza with Hubby, enjoying an almost-perfect Saturday morning.

We had a delicious lunch on a little sidewalk cafe, watching the people and the puppies and the Porsches.

After lunch, we walked some more, enjoying the ambiance of the shops and the restaurants, and ducking into a bookstore where I picked up some books for an upcoming trip.

We then drove to a local bakery, Andre's, where we picked up a chocolate-raspberry birthday cake that will be enjoyed and devoured at my "family" birthday party, which is tomorrow afternoon.

This evening, I put on my best dress and heels, and we went to a delightful restaurant in downtown Kansas City, called "Michael Smith." We've eaten there once before and it was to die for...and so was tonight...

We nibbled and noshed on the 6-course Chef's Choice, where I had duck, rabbit, whitefish, and honeysuckle-orange flavored ice cream for dessert. Among other nameless, but tasteful, offerings.


And to top it off...the guys from the Apple store called and said I could pick up both of my computers tonight...they were ready to go home. I clapped with glee.

I didn't even have to go 12 hours without them. I'm such a nerd.

Life is good.

Turning 49 is even better.

Especially when celebrated with family and friends.

Me at my birthday fun!




Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Sounds like you had a good time today.

kat said...

Happy belated birthday. Glad you had a wonderful day and congratulations on your new Mac.

Lu's Place said...

happy happy birthday! what a wonderful time you had. every time you write about down town you make me nostalgic. Anyway I was panicked also when My laptop went down. That was being just plain spoiled. I had a nice big desktop by I wanted my laptop!! Any way happy birthday girl!

Mental P Mama said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Jenny said...

Aha! That cake was chocolate raspberry. Oh my! That looked amazing! What a great gift! AND you got a cake, too!