Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Condition Called Karma

A serious affliction seems to have descended into my household, striking my two sons with a most-horrible condition that has left me with a huge headache.

Yes, this affliction seems to have rendered both of my sons mute.

Well...I should clarify that.

They're only mute with me, their mother.

Weird, huh? This strange, and as yet, unnamed condition, renders them powerless to communicate their plans and their comings-and-goings with me, which is Driving. Me. Crazy.

Yesterday evening, I was cooking up a HUGE batch of tacos in the kitchen, but really had no idea of the whereabouts of my sons.

Where were they? Who knows.

Would they be back in time to eat the hundreds of pounds of taco meat I had cooked? I had no idea.

They both seem to disappear at random from the house, and can't seem to tell me:

1. That they're leaving in the first place.

2. Where they're going.

3. And, when they'll be back.


Granted, one son is almost 22-years old and is just home for the summer from college, so I'll cut him some slack. He's just not used to having to report in to a worried and concerned mother.

My younger son very recently turned 18 years old, and graduated from high school. And NOW he can't communicate with his mother.

Coincidence? I think not.

My own mother has a name for this condition.

She calls it Karma.

All I know is, this condition has a chance of being fatal...

...because it's very likely that I'm going to kill my sons before it's all over if they don't start COMMUNICATING.




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Mental P Mama said...

We have that, too. Wine helps.