Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Testosterone and Gossip

There's certain things that will never change.

Such as, the day after you wash your car, it will rain.

Or, the day you are scheduled to get your hair cut, your hair will never look better.

And, when two men get together, you can be sure they're gossiping.


Haven't heard that one before?

Well. It's true.

Case in point...last Friday night, Hubby and I headed over to our neighborhood Yacht Club, which is really nothing more than a glorified neighborhood clubhouse.

It's the hot spot gathering place on Friday nights, with live music, drinks, food, and lots of neighborhood friends to sit and chew the fat with.

I found myself sitting with Vicki, and finding out that she knows how to sail, we spent the next hour engaging in a delightful discussion of sail boats, butterfly sailboats, and the ins-and-outs of sailing.

At one point, I did a quick "Hubby Check", my eyes scanning the crowded patio, and saw that Hubby was engaged in a conversation with our next-door neighbor, Dave. Those two had their heads buried together, and I wondered what delightful things they were discussing....

Were they discussing sports? Boating? Tools? Or other manly pursuits?


They were discussing the neighbors.

Yep. They were engaged in a good old-fashioned gossip fest.

They were discussing the "Hubbard" family, who lives on the other side of Dave.

About six months ago, the Hubbards split up.

They have a butt-load of children (I lost count at one point), and Old Mother Hubbard had been left behind with all of the children while Daddy Hubbard moved out of the house.

Mother Hubbard couldn't keep up with the yardwork, what with raising the house full of kids, and so Dave had kindly stepped in to mow the lawn and spray the weeds for her.

Come to find out, Mother Hubbard has just recently moved out of the house with the kids, and Daddy Hubbard moved back in - with his new, young, hot girlfriend.


Well. Needless to say, this has just scandalized the neighborhood.

Scandalized, I'm tellin' ya'.

It's a regular Peyton Place.

THIS is what the two men were discussing. And the fact of whether Dave should continue to do the yard work at the Hubbard house...

...while Daddy Hubbard continues to have fun. With his new, young, hot girlfriend.

"THIS?" I asked, shocked. "THIS is what you were talking about??!!" I said to my Hubby on the way home.

"Hey," he says, somewhat defensively..."Dave needed my advice on whether he should still mow the yard. It was important stuff."

Uh huh. Important stuff, all right.

Sounded like gossip to me.



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