Saturday, June 4, 2011

Joplin: Just the Facts

Wonder what the American Red Cross has done so far in Joplin, MO?

Here are some statistics, as of Friday evening:

Total number of ERV (Emergency Response Trucks) here: 19 (I've seen Ohio, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia - and numerous other states who are here)

Total meals served: 44,337 (and every one of them has been delicious, believe me!)

Total snacks served: 81,184 (I think I've eaten about 40,252 of these....)

Bulk clean-up & recovery items distributed: 27,831

Total people who've spent the night in a Red Cross shelter: 2,342

Total number of Red Cross workers/volunteers here: 555

Total number of bruises, scrapes and cuts on the Drama Queen's body: 14 (and rising - got a new one today on my middle finger. BANGED it into something and I've got a pretty good black & blue bump.)

Total number of hours before my family is here to see me on my day off: 4 (jumping up and down with excitement!)

Total number of days before I get to go home: Who knows?



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