Sunday, September 25, 2011

52 Pick-Up Stix

Four years long overdue.

A family reunion for my husband's side of the family...

Invitations were was purchased...the house was clean and everything was ready to go.

40+ people were expected yesterday afternoon at 2:00 pm for the EVENT of the YEAR at our home.

And then?

Disaster struck.

Okay, not really a disaster...I exaggerate. (Moi? Exaggerate? Imagine that. Hee.)

Thirty minutes before the first guests are expected to arrive, I reach into the pantry to grab a last-minute food item, and I accidentally bump into a box of spaghetti on the shelf.

And my pantry floor looks like this in a nano-second:

"REALLY?????!!!" I shriek, adding, "Like I need this NOW!!!!!"

"Who the HECK left a box of spaghetti OPEN????"

I look accusingly at the rest of the family.

And then I realize...that would have been ME. As I am the only spaghetti cook in the family.


Nothing like a good game of 52 (and then some) Pick-Up Stix thirty minutes before a party.




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