Thursday, September 22, 2011

Camping With the Stars

Last night was "Must-See TV" viewing in our house, as it was the much-anticipated season premier of "Modern Family."

While settling in to watch, I noticed that the TV Guide description said that the families would be visiting a dude ranch in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

"Hey," I said to my daughter. "Remember when WE visited a dude ranch in Jackson Hole a few years ago? What was the name of that thing, anyway??? Lost...something."

A few more moments go by, and it comes to me. "Lost CREEK! The Lost Creek Ranch!" I give myself a high-5 on the back.

Hey - when you get to be my age, you rejoice at the simple things in life, like being able to remember things. ANY things.

My daughter reminisces for a moment and says, "Yeah - that was a fun vacation."

The episode of Modern Family begins, and in the opening few minutes, we discover that the family has landed at a dude ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming named....

..wait for it...

...the Lost Creek Ranch.

"OH MY GAWD!" I scream, about putting the poor cats on our laps into apoplexy.


Is it weird to get all excited about having an Emmy-award winning television show film at the exact same place you vacationed at yourself just a few years ago???!!!

I guess I just felt validation that we had, indeed, picked a beautiful spot to vacation was PROOF!

So, I dug around this morning for a few photos to show our own experiences with the beautiful Lost Creek Ranch in Jackson Hole:

One of the beautiful cabins on-site...

The main Lodge building, where we'd have our meals...

A view from the Lodge, overlooking the stables...

Mickey on her horse...she LOVED going riding every day...

I preferred my own two feet for getting around...hiking is more my speed.

After riding or hiking, the pool was always a welcoming treat...and it was in the show last night, as well!

Our own two weeks spent at the Lost Creek Ranch was in 2008, and it was quite the experience...beautiful scenery, great times, and lots of fun memories...which all came to the surface last night while enjoying "Modern Family."

And when you live in the middle of the heartland of the country, and don't get too many opportunities to "rub elbows" with celebrities, pardon our excitement last night for being that close to Camping with the Stars.



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David said...

Looks like an awesome place! I'm packing my bags now!