Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jimmy Buffett and Me

What a weekend...after boogying down and shakin' our groove thing on Friday night, Hubby and I decided to slip away to the Caribbean on Saturday.


Not really.

We actually just headed to downtown Kansas City to partake in the 2nd annual ParrotFest at the Kansas City Power & Light District. This was an all-day free event featuring a beach barbecue, contests, games, giveaways, tropical drinks, leis, etc...etc.

It was in anticipation that night for a concert by the ultimate Parrothead, Jimmy Buffett, at our impressive Sprint Center.

Hubby and I dress a little conservatively...I go more for comfort than shock value, so we donned our modest parrot t-shirts and headed down...

There were some definite interesting outfits, as the following pictures attest to:

We got there at about 4:00 pm, and the party was in...um...full swing. Let's just say, people were in REALLY good moods, and were partying like it was 1999...or whatever year it is...

We walked around for awhile in what I called the "mosh pit" - but it was crowded, noisy, and dangerous. I mean, beach balls were flying everywhere, and if you didn't hold your drink tightly, it was always in danger of being hit by an errant beach ball and could go flying out of your hand at any moment. Dangerous, I'm tellin' you.

See that dangerous beach ball??!! These menaces were EVERYWHERE. You had to keep your guard up.

Eventually, Hubby and I walked up to the skywalks, overlooking the mosh pit, so we were out of the fray a bit, and could do some prime people-watching.

At some point, a Jimmy Buffett tribute band, Parrots of the Caribbean, came on stage to play...and they were good. Wait. They were BETTER than good. I think they were better than Jimmy himself, and like, how is that possible??!!

At one point, the lead singer took a break, came back out, and was dressed EXACTLY like Jimmy Buffett. In fact, most people - including me - had had quite a few margaritas by then, so we thought we were REALLY watching Jimmy Buffett!

Funny what alcohol can do to a person. Hee hee.

At one point, my cup runneth dry, so I sent Hubby down to the mosh pit/bar to grab me another one. Don't know how I managed this, but I found him in my Zoom lens and took his picture:

Still convinced that it really WAS Buffett himself, I dragged Hubby down into the mosh pit for a photo. Hubby indulged me, but he knew better...I think it's kinda' funny now that I really thought this was Jimmy:

Eventually, we made our way across the street to the Sprint Center, our concert venue here in Kansas City. The concert was near sold out, as you can see from this shot inside:

Because I was a nincompoop, I had not bought tickets the minute they went on sale, which is a HUGE mistake when it's a Buffett concert. Consequently, our seats were somewhat "behind" the stage. They were still rather close, but we had to wait until Jimmy turned around to actually see his face. I'm just glad I paid discount prices for them!

All in all, it was a fantastic show. Jimmy knows how to deliver...the crowd was rockin' and rollin' and singin' and partyin' all night long.

If you EVER get a chance to see Buffett in person - you won't regret it.

Even if you're behind the stage.

Hey - after a few margaritas, you frankly won't care.

Trust me on that.



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