Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wiped Out

Not sure why, but at this point right now, a SLUG has more energy than I do.


Maybe I'm thinking of a sloth.



Either way, I am wiped out. As in, the Big Kahuna-wiped out.

As to why, it's a mystery...

...perhaps the fact that I taught a 4-hour Disaster Services Overview class last night to twelve new volunteers...and I've never taught this class before, and the co-teacher, who was supposed to help me, who HAS taught this class before, NEVER SHOWED UP. Argh.

Yup - class is to begin at 5:30 pm, and as I'm frantically setting up both the Power Point presentation (which required a laptop and projector), and the DVD video presentation (requiring a TV and a DVD player - all of which require a PhD in Electronics Management, which I don't have, not to mention I can't find the extension cords and the clock is slowly ticking away....), it soon dawns on me that my co-teacher has yet to make an appearance...and it's now less than 15 minutes before class.


It would have been a great time to panic, but I guess working in disasters has given me all sorts of anxiety management skills...and this had all the makings of a HUGE potential disaster.

Instead, I just sucked it up - calmly explaining to the students what had happened, asking for their patience if I stumbled a bit with the curriculum, as it was new to me - and proceeded to teach.

If it's one thing I can do, is teach. And teach I did.

Seriously, I could teach the Pope how to be Catholic...I could teach a politician how to lie...I could teach a teenager how to text...I could teach - well, you get the idea.

But all that teaching and talking and stressing and setting up and taking down and cleaning up and not getting home until 10:15 pm...

...has left me WIPED OUT.

I just gotta' learn how to teach myself how to rest...







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