Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fragments: Good News/Bad News

Another Friday, and another Friday fragments...Today's theme is, "Good News, Bad News."

...I pushed and pushed yesterday, being a pest, but I FINALLY heard back from the surgeon about the moles. The surgeon said he wants to take the moles out in two different procedures - which means TWO surgeries - but at least we're going to get them taken care of. That's the good news...the bad news is, I will have to wait at least another week to have the surgeries since we're leaving town.

...we leave tomorrow for Florida, where we get to move into the new house that we bought last month. It is going to be exciting to have a winter home to escape the cold winters of Kansas City. The bad news is, Tropical Storm Bonnie is going to be dumping lots of rain on us as we visit...

...the good news is, school starts in three weeks! And I'm sorry - there IS no bad news for that, as much as my kids may disagree with me!

...the good news: we've had lots and lots of showings at our old house, which has now been on the market for three weeks. The bad news is, we've had offers - but not the offer we want, and some with, it's not sold. Yet.

And I guess that's it! I don't really have a lot of bad news, actually. I try to stay positive and upbeat through life, so it's difficult for me to find and focus on bad news. In the scope of things, life is good, and we'll tackle this latest challenge on the moles with a positive attitude and prayer and hope.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!



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