Monday, July 5, 2010

Hubby's Shopping Trip

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Father's Day - and Hubby received some gift cards to Cabela's - a fabulous, giant sports store located here in Kansas City. Those gift cards had been burning a hole in Hubby's the point that on Saturday, he couldn't stand it any longer.

He eagerly snatched up his gift cards and ran out the door to his car, hollering at me, "I'm heading to Cabela's - there's some boat thingies I need to get."

(Okay, he really didn't say "thingies"...I'm sure he used the technical words, but because I'm not a technical boat person, all I heard was "thingies.")

Anywho, he heads off, does his shopping, and then heads to the check-out counter, where he proudly hands the cashier his Cabela's gift cards when it came time to pay for his thingies.

The clerk says, "I'm sorry...I can't take those."

Hubby looks shocked....and says, "What do you mean, you can't take those??! That's crazy! Why can't I use my gift cards??"

And the clerk says, "Because you're not at a Cabela's, sir...this is a Bass Pro Shop."


In his excitement, Hubby went to the wrong store. And for all their supposedly wonderful customer service, the fine folks at Bass Pro Shop wouldn't accept gift cards to their biggest competitor, Cabela's. Go figure.



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Jenny said...

OK, I feel really mean but this totally cracked me up! Poor fella. Did he just pay for the boat thingies or slink out?