Monday, July 19, 2010

The Sinkhole

While driving home Saturday from the airport here in Kansas City, we went through a stretch of highway known by the locals as the "Grandview Triangle." It got that nickname because the convergence of a bunch of highways form a "triangle" when viewed from the air...and, it is such a mess of congestion that we would joke that it was our own version of the "Bermuda Triangle" because cars could enter this area and virtually disappear. Forever.

Who knew that it almost became a reality that cars could disappear? Forever?

We were headed southeast Saturday, and in the northwest lanes, we noticed a bunch of police cars - all with flashing lights - which attracted our attention....

"Look at that!" I said to hubby...."I wonder what happened?"

A sinkhole happened....which completely caused a collapse in the highway. Authorities noticed cracks before the complete collapse, and were able to shut the highway down before any injuries or deaths. Thank God for that. The sinkhole is so large, that cars could really have disappeared - and people could have been killed.

Now, I'm used to sinkholes and mudslides in Guatemala...they're a pretty common occurrence, what with earthquakes, hurricanes and torrential downpours all of the time...

But here? In Kansas City? Not so common.

The Missouri Department of Transportation is now saying the highway will be closed for MONTHS as they first, figure out WHY it happened, and second, then go in to fix it...

And it basically has messed up Hubby's commute to work...along with 35,000 other commuters, from what they are telling us. What a mess.

In the scope of things, it's a small thing - when you compare it to other disasters such as Katrina, the Oil Spill, etc...but it will really screw up a lot of people's lives here in the Kansas City area for the next few months. And Hubby won't be in the best of moods as he deals with this on a daily basis - he's already grumpy and cranky about it.

So, if I get a little grumpy and cranky in the next few months, you'll know why. Blame it on the Grandview Triangle Sinkhole.




Terri said...

Good grief!

We were in KC when the hotel collapsed downtown... seems like KC is just prone to these strange events!

Drama Queen said...

Oh yes, the Hyatt Skywalk collapse...I remember exactly where I was when I heard about that....

...and this highway collapse will probably come down to MoDot cutting corners and costs when building this, which was just THREE years ago! Someone should be in a lot of trouble for this, as it should not have happened!!!