Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Cutest Two Hours on Television

Today is one of the days that I most look forward to all year...the day that I set aside all those little annoying things that get in the way of life...such as my children...just so I can focus my eyes and my attention on ONE THING.

The BIG DAY is finally here.

The Puppy Bowl.

Yes, the highly-anticipated annual Puppy Bowl is back for it's 7th season, and if you've never watched it...or even heard of it...then all I have to say is, "What rock have you been living under?!"

Because no matter what problems you may be dealing with - or what hurdles you are having to jump over in life - all will be forgotten for the few mindless hours of watching cute, adorable little furry puppies romp and play and chew and nap...along with an entertaining half-time show by cute, furry cuddly kittens.

New this year are the chicken cheerleaders.

CHICKEN CHEERLEADERS??!! How awesome is that??!!!

Classic television, I'm tellin' ya.

Heck, if we could get Osama Bin Laden out from his cave and put him in front of a TV with the Puppy Bowl playing, that would be the end of terrorism.

Let's put the Puppy Bowl on in Tahrir Square in Egypt, and the next thing we'll see, both sides of the protestors will be holding hands and singing Kum By Yah.

Last year, over 8 million people tuned into the Puppy Bowl, which is on the Animal Planet channel today, starting at 3:00 ET.

So, before the big kick-off for that OTHER game today - the Super Bowl - you'll know what I'll be watching.

Puppies. Kittens. And chickens.

Oh my.




Terri said...

Now I will be watching, too!

chellec said...

I love this blog. Check out mine, it a contant work in progress:

Emily said...

Bwahaha! I love the Puppy Bowl. (I could really care less about that OTHER game.)