Friday, February 25, 2011

The Very Idea!

Here is the question I'm pondering on a Friday night...

...why is it, that when we're with our girlfriends, that we get all weird and do crazy-ass stunts that we would NEVER consider doing when we're not hanging with the chicks?

Or is it just me?

So - I'm down here in Ft. Myers for the week, hanging with some chick-friends...we call ourselves the "Back Row Broads of Jamaica", and if you're bored on a Friday night and want to read the riveting story of just WHY we call ourselves that, you can click HERE and read the entire post. Knock yourself out.

Anywho, we're down here and yesterday, we're hanging at the beach, where we're people-watching (and the beach is probably THE MOST FUN place in the world to people watch - because it's warm, and sunny, and there's ocean waves - and there's all kinds of odd-shaped people wearing ALL kinds of weird things - some of which is good and most of which is bad but provides for some really good entertainment - but I digress)....

We decide to muster enough energy and momentum to get our butts off of our beach chairs and go for a walk, where we just so happen to stumble into a...wait for it... shop.

Now, there's still some disagreement on who walked into the tattoo shop first. The other broads say it was ME who walked in first, but really, that is hardly feasible. I mean...seriously? Moi? In a tattoo shop?

The very idea.

Fifteen years ago, when I was more immature and much more stupid, I found myself at a tattoo shop, and somehow walked out an hour later with a very-red somewhat-painful rose on my right shoulder, wondering how the heck did THAT get there??!! And who authorized it??!! Moi?

The very idea.

And that damn rose has never gone away.

Fast forward to hour after we walked in, we walked out - somehow having made deposits and appointments to come back today to all get a tattoo...

It's a good thing we slept on it.

I woke up this morning, and had one of those gobsmacked moments, of "What the heck was I THINKING??!!" - and so, no.

I don't have any new tattoos today. I gracefully bowed out of the whole, "Let's all get tattoos!" thing.

The very idea.

One of the broads DOES have a new tattoo. Good for her. But one is enough for me, thank you very much.

And by the way - Hubby? If you're reading this?

I realize you're probably shocked now that I was even considering one - but I hope after your initial shock, you'll realize that I didn't go through with it, and I really CAN be trusted to make smart decisions. Right?

Even when hanging with my girlfriends.