Monday, February 21, 2011

A Holiday? Really?

The conversation this morning in the car, between my 11-year old daughter and myself:

Me: "I'd have you get the mail today, but there won't be any, because of the holiday."

Daughter, incredulously: "Today's a holiday????!!!"

Me, with patience: "Yes. Why else do you think you're not in school today?"

Daughter: "I don't know...I just thought maybe it was because it's another snow day."

This said, with blue skies, sun and nary a drop of snow to be found. I love it when that public school education is paying off.

Me, said with even more patience: "Um, that would be negative. Today is President's Day."

Daughter: "Oh."

She digests it for a moment, and then says, in all seriousness:

"Well, Happy President's Day, President Obama."

Indeed. Happy President's Day to all current, former and future presidents - and to all of our friends and family.



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