Monday, May 2, 2011

Be Gone With You!

Okay, this is for all if you Bleaders (Blog Readers) who don't follow me on Facebook.

First, why not? Huh? Really. Why not?

If you think I'm amazing here on this blog, you should see the stuff I post on Facebook.

It's twice as amazing - and you're missing it.

Second, I've been posting updates today on Sister's surgery on Facebook...but because you don't bother to follow me on Facebook, I guess I'd better come here and update, as well.

Gee, thanks.

Making me do twice the work today.



Okay, back to Sister's Surgery.

She was in surgery all day today, but the good news is, that besides getting the Grumpy Gallbladder out...they also got out the Terrible Tumor from her rectum.


The doctors think they got ALL of the rectal cancer.

At this point, the Terrible Tumor is on it's way to the pathologist, who will study it and determine if Sister needs chemo or radiation.

Afterwards, the pathologist can throw that tumor far, far away, as far as we're concerned.


That's all I know at this point.

Good news, so far.

Through it all, our family has managed to keep our sense of humor.

As we told Sister before surgery,

"Just think...soon, this will be all BEHIND you."





Mental P Mama said...

Hope the news continues to be good!

Jenny said...

Good thoughts to your sister. And, you sound like mine!

carsick said...

Very good news. I'll keep praying for good results.

It's good to have humor in tense situations.