Friday, May 13, 2011

My Son's Senior Moment

While working on my laptop yesterday, I asked my son if he'd get me a Diet Dr. Pepper out of the fridge and pour it into my glass.

This he does.

However, it was what happened next that was rather amusing.

After pouring my soda, he then takes the empty can and goes over to the sink where he rinses it out...he then opens the dishwasher and proceeds to put the aluminum can into the dishwasher.


We're going to wash aluminum cans in the dishwasher??!!

About the time he realizes what he's doing, he quickly yanks the can out of the dishwasher and then quickly looks over at me to see if I'm watching this foolish behavior on his part.

I hadn't missed a thing. Hee.

I just grinned as he sheepishly chucked the can into the recycle bin, where it should have gone from the get-go.

This is the son who is graduating high school on Sunday, so my only comment was, "Huh. This gives 'senior moment' a whole new meaning."

Lesson learned: Apparently, senior moments affect senior citizens AND seniors in high school.




Miss Rosie said...

That is too funny! Congrats on having him trained well enough to know how to use the dishwasher.

Drama Queen said...

You are so right - at least he rinsed! :)