Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Professions I'd Like to Try

It's another Top 10 on Tuesday!!!

Maybe you're already doing your dream job. Or maybe you HATE what you're doing, and would change it, if you could. With that in mind, today's question is...what would be the Top 10 professions you'd like to try?

1. I've said it before...I'll say it again. All I EVER wanted to do as a kid was play baseball. If talent were no object, and dreams could come true - I'd be playing professional baseball right now for the Kansas City Royals. I wouldn't even need a huge salary - I'd do it for the love of the game. I'd be playing first base while on defense, and I'd be batting about 6th in the lineup...sigh. Why, oh why, couldn't I have been born a boy??!! And with talent??!!

2. I'd love to be an author. Of a New York Times bestseller. Maybe that dream is possible - if I'd just find the time to sit still for awhile and write a book...but who has time to sit and write, when there's so much living yet to be done??!!

3. I briefly went to graduate school, where I worked on getting my master's degree in counseling. So...I'd love to be a counselor...I kinda' do it anyway, whether I'm counseling my kids, or my family, or my friends....

4. Loving animals like I do, wouldn't it be rewarding to be a veterinarian? Although...that would be tough, to see sick or injured animals and knowing that I most likely wouldn't be able to save every single one of them....

5. Taking my love of food, and my love of writing, and my love of criticizing - I think being a food critic would be the IDEAL job for me. To be PAID to go out and eat and write about it??!!

6. By the same token, a travel agent would be right up my alley - what with my love of traveling and my skills at organizing and planning....

7. I *wish* I could be a fitness trainer...only because I'd be more disciplined at hitting the gym - AND, I'd be making money for exercising! Win-win!

8. Culinary school was something that intrigued me, so the thought of being a professional chef sounds like a lot of fun! (Although - from what I've seen - it carries a lot of stress...hmmm...may have to rethink this one!) I'd work in some high falutin' restaurant in New York City, and I'd use fresh, organic ingredients that turn into works of art when presented on the plate.

9. A tour guide. Don't laugh. I don't even care where I'm giving tours - but I love, love, love to show people around and explain what they're seeing. I kinda' do this anyway when I travel, so I could TOTALLY see myself waving a little flag and leading a group of barbarians..."CHARGE!!!!"

10. I love kids...and since I can't list "teaching" on my list - because technically, I've already *tried* it - I'm going to list being a school bus driver. Yep. The thought of being able to be able to set the tone for the day with the kids, as they get on my bus - and then to help them decompress after school - that sounds rewarding! I'd be the type of bus driver that is totally, way cool - that tells corny jokes every day, that has sing-alongs, and lets the kids sit anywhere they want to.

So...what professions would YOU like to try??!!




lacochran's evil twin said...

Given your description of your last trip, I think you'd make an excellent organizer... of other people.

I'd like to be the daquiri taster at a Caribbean resort. I'm all about the quality control.

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

#10.....you could also be a counseler there too!!!