Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Plan: Thursday, June 27th

Today – it’s ALL about the Lower East Side (LES) of Manhattan!

The LES is located on the southeastern part of the island, and it used to be a traditional, working class, immigrant neighborhood, back in the "old" days of NYC.

The LES is about "5:00" on this map....

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY couldn’t wait to explore this area, as it is STEEP in not only history, but culture and good food, as well.

With this in mind, here was our plan for the day:

10:00 AM Lower East Side Food Tour (3 hours)

1:00 PM Explore the Tenement Museum

1:30 PM “Hard Times” Tour – 1 hour

2:30 PM “Shop Life Tour – 1.5 hours

4:45 PM “Sweatshop Workers” Tour – 1 hour

6:30 PM “Behind the Scenes” Tour – 1.5 hours

8:30 PM Dinner at the Meatball Shop

9:35 PM Dessert at the Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

How did we do?

Well…for the MOST part, The Plan worked. And everything was AH-MAZ-ING. I know it looks INSANELY busy - but keep in mind that the four tours - beginning with the 1:30 PM tour - are ALL at the Tenement Museum. In other words, ALL afternoon would be spent at the same location - just exploring different areas of the building.

However…dinner was NOT at the Meatball Shop. Details to follow. And we did NOT make it to the bakery.

I know. You’re shocked.

So…stay tuned, because we are going to have some FUN, FUN, FUN on the LES!!!


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