Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 on Tuesday: Things I Hate About Traveling

Summer is over...and my traveling days have slowed down, albeit temporarily. For today's "10 on Tuesday" list, I'm posting the things that I hate about traveling.

1. Flying. Period. I like NOTHING about it. Give me the open road anytime and I can drive cross country.

2. People who violate the carry-on luggage rules and hog all of the overhead compartments with their monstrous suitcases. Really, people? You REALLY think that will fit??!!

3. Hotels with no wi-fi. Dark ages, anyone?

4. Noisy hotel rooms and inconsiderate fellow guests.

5. Sleeping in strange beds with strange sheets on strange pillows. Ew.

6. Packing. Can we say, “procrastinate”?

7. Forgetting an important charger – My phone? My camera? My Kindle? My laptop? My i-pod? That’s too many to remember - and so inevitably, one of them will be accidentally left behind. Darn it.

8. Choice of peanuts or pretzels for dinner…yeah, right. THAT’LL fill me up.

9. Taking my shoes off at airport security. Ew again.

10. Leaving my family & pets behind. Tears, much?

What are the things YOU hate about traveling?


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Lonesome Old Granny said...

1. Remembering to take twice as much money and half the clothes.
2. Packing ..what to take? Or just go to Wal Mart and buy some when I get there.
3. Driving the 50 miles to the airport. Sweaty palms and upset stomach before I get.
4. Parking at the airport.and trying to remember where I parked.
(like I will remember that)
5. Carry on luggage.
6. Changing planes at the Denver airport. Ugh...
7. Worrying about family, take offs, landings. family.
8. Missing my connecting flight
9. Getting on a different plane
10. The round trip .trip....
these are some of the things I hate about traveling..well, flying