Thursday, September 10, 2009

Death From Boredom

School has started.

Life is good.

If you’re a parent – you know what I’m talking about. I love it when my kids are back in school.

Because, as you know, it’s our jobs as parents to entertain our children madly – God forbid they’re ever bored. And my kids were –egads – bored this summer. They made sure I was aware of this as often as possible– all the while surrounded by a Wii, a PS3, several humongous flat-screen TV’s tricked out with 3000 cable channels, half of the inventory from Toys R Us, a swimming pool, and bikes. Lots of bikes.

My horror stories of what it was like when I was growing up – in the dinosaur ages before electricity, of course - and how I had to find ways to entertain myself – didn’t faze them. The only reaction I got was more eye-rolling in the backs of their heads, and an even more plaintive, “But – that was then. This is now. And we’re bored.”

I reassured them that they were probably the ONLY children in America that were bored this summer. I wanted them to feel special, after all.

Thank GOD for school – it saved their lives. Seriously - my children were near death from boredom – bored to death, I tell you!!!

Humpf. If they only knew – I was close to killing them myself.


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Jennifer S. said...

Your kids sound like mine. This was funny - I could relate!