Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black is the New Black

Happy birthday, Elvira!

Yes, it's Elvira's birthday today - remember her? The "Mistress of the Dark"? Did you know she was born in Manhattan, Kansas? I didn't know that. Huh. The things you learn.

Anywho, back to the subject at hand. Which, in honor of Elvira, is the color "black." (Don't get into a philosophical, esoterial argument with me on whether black really is a "color" - I really don't care. To me, if it comes in a Crayon box - it's a color. End of discussion.)

My dear daughter - at the wise old age of 4 - developed an obsession with the color black. She wanted all things black - clothing, toys, bedroom decor - yada, yada, yada. I freaked out. What kind of 4-year old embraces black? Was this going to mean she was a future mass murderer? A future "Elvira" on the big screen? A "Goth" pre-schooler? Unheard of!

Should I indulge this passion and take a chance that she'll grow up to be psycho? Should I stop it - squelch this ludicrous idea - and explain to her that little girls like the color pink - and only pink?

In life, as a parent, you learn early on that you must pick your battles. My daughter was always a good child - she behaved, she was polite, she was respectful. It seemed to me that what she wore would not be worth the ensuing "battle" - and if she was happy wearing black, then so be it.

So - I let her wear black. She was happy. I adjusted. We did get some strange looks at Target.

The fascination for black lasted all of 9 months - and then it, like other girlish fascinations, slipped away and disappeared. On to a new color.

She's a great girl. I don't think she will be a mass murderer as she gets older. I don't think she was harmed by wearing black every day for 9 months.

I respected her choices and allowed her to explore her passion. And we are both better for it.

Happy birthday, Elvira. And to all things black. Indulge your child's creativity today in honor of Elvira.


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Jennifer S. said...

What a good mom. I don't know if I could let my daughter wear black. Good for you.