Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Sew Not Happening

So at Bunco last night, I overhear one of the moms asking another mom what her daughters were going to be for Halloween.

I choked on my drink and had a mini panic attack – oh my God! Was it already time for Halloween? Holy smokes! Where did the time go? How did THAT happen?

I rushed to the nearest calendar I could find – thankfully, almost everyone has one on her refrigerator – and saw that it was only September 25th. Whew. I let out a sigh of relief. I still have a MONTH before I even have to THINK about costumes. I mean, seriously – my Halloween costume shopping happens on October 30th – it’s a tradition that I adhere to proudly. I’ve learned from experience that if I buy a costume before October 30th – it will either be lost, dirty and/or ripped apart – by Bewitching Hour on October 31st.

But then – it got worse! I overheard one of the moms describing – in detail – the costumes that she was SEWING for her two daughters. I look confused – and asked, “Sewing? What is this word, ‘sewing’? I am not familiar with this term.”

After the mom enlightened me on the joys (ha) of working with material, thread and gasp! – needles in order to assemble a Halloween costume, I silently thanked God for Target and costumes hanging on nice, plastic hangers – no assembly necessary.

And I silently thanked God that kids aren’t allowed at Bunco, and therefore my kids had no chance of hearing how other moms "sewed" said costumes. Sometimes it’s just best to leave our kids in a state of blissful ignorance. They’re happy with Target. And so am I.

So – until October 30th – there will be no more mention of Halloween costumes in my world.


Question: Do any other mothers out there sew their kids' costumes for Halloween? Do you use patterns? Or wing it? I am just curious about this "sewing" thing...unheard of.

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