Monday, April 4, 2011

Attack of the Frozen Sea Urchins

Around 9:30 p.m. last night, I was minding my own business...sitting upstairs on my laptop, enjoying the quietness that overtakes the house as the family starts settling down for the night...

...when suddenly, I hear...BAM!




Holy macaroni, batman! That was freakin' LOUD!!!!

What the heck??!!

Once I recovered from my initial heart attack, my brain went into hyper-gear...and my first thought was, "Why is someone bashing my roof with a baseball bat??!!" - because that's what it initially sounded like.

After a few confused seconds, I realized what it was...hail.

And not just any hail.

Oh, no.

This was MONSTER hail.

Not only monster in size, but monster in appearance. When the storm was over, I took this photo:

Is that not the weirdest hail you've ever seen? All a sea urchin...but crashing into my METAL roof, creating all kinds of havoc and noise.

Reflect on this for a moment. Tennis-ball sized hail...crashing into a METAL roof. Imagine the noise. Gah.

After taking the photo, being the Social Media Savvy person that I am, I quickly uploaded it to Facebook...and also sent it on to a couple of local TV news stations...I don't normally brag on hail, but DANG! This hail was almost as big as a tennis ball!

Today was spent surveying the damage left behind from the storm...we definitely have some roof damage; my son's car is dinged up; but we were fortunate - we didn't lose any windows, like a lot of neighbors did.

I kinda' forgot about my photo of the hail until tonight, when around 6:10 pm, my son called from his dad's house.

"Mom! Your picture's on the Channel 5 news!"

What? Really? I didn't send it to Channel 5...that wasn't one of the stations I sent it to, but somehow, they had gotten ahold of it. Probably got it off Facebook....

I didn't see it, as I was watching the Channel 9 news...and right at about that exact moment, I looked up at the TV screen...

...and yup. There's my photo.

"OMG!" I shrieked to my son on the phone. "It's on Channel 9, too! Right now! Turn the channel!"

He did, and managed to see it there, as well.

So, my photo made it to TWO newscasts tonight...It may have made it to our 3rd local news station (actually, the OTHER station I had sent it to last night), but as we weren't watching, we'll never know.

Anyway. Just had to share. Thought that was cool.

But, it's NOT cool with what we'll have to deal with now to fix all the damage done by this lovely gift from Mother Nature.

I told Hubby to tell the insurance guy that our house was attacked by frozen sea urchins. Hubby rolled his eyes and walked away. I tell you...the man needs an imagination. Hee.




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That is some hail! Glad you were inside or it would have dented your noggin!