Friday, April 29, 2011

Soap It Up


I love smells…

Well. Let me clarify that.

I love GOOD smells.

I can live without the smell of dirty clothes, dirty feet, burnt popcorn…and the epitome of bad smells (not to throw him under a bus or anything), but my son’s bedroom.

Especially when he’s been outside playing baseball. Ack.

Oh, I should probably add “wet dog” to the list of smells I can live without. For some unknown reason, the smell of a wet dog can make me gag. Is that just me? Yes?

But nice smells…yum.

Like chocolate. And babies right after their baths. And fresh laundry. And sunshine.

(And yes, sunshine smells…if you’ve never smelled it, go outside on a beautiful sunny day and take a deep whiff. Ummmmm. Delicious.)

If you know me in person, than you probably know that I don’t go a day without perfume.

Not a single day.

I don’t wear it for other people – but I wear it for me… as I love surrounding myself with lovely smells…and I have collected a small – but fantastically delicious – group of perfumes that are to die for.

I don’t think a day has gone by without someone – whether it’s my kids, my Hubby, my hairdresser - or even complete strangers – saying, “You smell good.”


I like that.

So, imagine my delight when a girlfriend of mine went into the homemade soap-making business, and started creating the MOST divine smelling soaps.


Not only do they smell good, but the goat’s milk is fantastically creamy on my skin. Another thing I love…smooth, silky skin. Another squee.

Soap It Up – by my friend Di – is a website that everyone should check out. I don’t do very many endorsements on here – but this is one I’ll stand behind.

I just received another order from was tough deciding on what to choose, but after much thoughtful consideration, I chose gardenia, orange, Beautiful (as in Estee Lauder), and my favorite – Almond Cherry.

Don’t they look heavenly? This is when I wish I had “smell-vision” – as I SO wish you could smell the heavenly delights that I’m smelling right now.


Di then threw in a bonus bar for me – Berries & Cream – which smells so good I wanted to eat it…which would give a whole new meaning to washing one’s mouth out with soap.

So…off to smell some sunshine…and fresh laundry…and Di’s soaps.

Hey – maybe I could secretly “bury” a bar in my teenage son’s bedroom? Think it would help?

Yeah. I know his room could use a little Estee Lauder “Beautiful”. Hee.



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La'Tonya Richardson said...

I so love the smell of fresh, and clean things, especially clean, fresh laundry! Tide Sport is my new favorite, I love that stuff, emailed them and told them so. And in return, they sent me a $2 coupon, and a few other really cool coupons.

If you find the magic fragrance for your son's room, please let me know. My son's room smells like locker room/fried food (from the wing joint he works at).