Saturday, April 23, 2011

Me? Versatile?

My friend Rosie over at "Hello, Rosie" awarded me an award today...

"The Versatile Blogger."

Although I'm honored and thrilled and flattered -

I'm actually kinda' disappointed she didn't award me the OTHER award she had to give out...

The "Nice Rack" Award.


Apparently, Rosie knows me all too well and knows that if there's ONE award I don't deserve, it's the Nice Rack Award.


Moving on.

So, in the Spirit of the The Versatile Blogger Award, here's seven amazing & thrilling facts about moi...Seven amazing and thrilling facts that NO ONE...I repeat, NO ONE...ever knew before.

Okay. Maybe some people knew. But they don't count.

If YOU already knew this stuff, just pretend you didn't. 'Kay?

1. I am an amazing jump roper. I always have been an amazing jump roper. I can jump faster, longer and better than just about anyone. Really. I could be in the World Olympics of jump roping - if there ever were such a thing - and I would take home a medal. What makes this fact even MORE amazing is that I am a year shy of my 50th-birthday - and I'm still that good at jumping a rope. Amazing. Hee.

2. I absolutely, unequivocally detest Kate Gosselin.

3. I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with my vacuum cleaner. I love my vacuum cleaner. Actually, its a central vac...and I love nothing more than to hook up the giant hose and go through my house, sucking up the tiniest bit of dirt and cat hair and lint....I'd suck up my kids if they'd fit through the hose. I've tried.

4. I absolutely, unequivocally love hummus.

5. Things that make me afraid: spiders, sky-diving, and drowning. That pretty much covers my fears.

6. My favorite Disney ride: the Haunted Mansion. Grim, grinning ghosts make me giggle. Hee. I could get forever stuck on a Doom Buggy and I would be in heaven.

7. Things that amaze me: my kids. I am honestly amazed when I watch them grow and mature and become young adults. to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award.

I'm in a giving mood tonight, being Easter Eve and all...and so this award is open to any and all of my readers! Feel free to take it, enjoy it and pass it on!



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Miss Rosie said...

ah haaaa... I was too chicken to pass on the Nice Rack award!