Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Boys of Summer Are Back

Spring is here!

Grass is getting greener...the flowers are starting to pop up...and the baseball season has begun...can it get any better than this???

This year, we have "partial" season tickets to our local team, the Kansas City Royals - and so Opening Day found us at the ball park!

This was on Thursday of this week...a rather overcast, chilly day - but that didn't stop us from gathering up the 17-year old son and his friend and heading off to Kauffman Stadium - aka "The K" - to watch the Royals take on the Angels.

After parking our car in Illinois (or so it seemed), we hiked our way and eventually made our way to our seats...just in time for a bit of the Opening Day ceremonies:

After some performances by some local marching bands, and some honorary introductions, it was time to bring the line-up out onto the field for introductions:

We interrupt this game in progress to take a self-portrait of Hubby and I:

Time for the National Anthem, and this impressive flag being carried out onto the field by some local soldiers stationed at a nearby base:

That same air base just so happens to be the home of the B2 Stealth Bomber, which made it's traditional Opening Day appearance - right over our heads!

It was a good game, as games go...a pitcher's duel...a couple of impressive home-runs...some outstanding play at the plate...and a nose-dive catch in right field. Unfortunately, we also saw a KC fan injured when a wooden bat shattered, and a piece of it when flying into the stands where it hit a lady in her eye. The paper yesterday mentioned that she will have to have several surgeries to repair the damage done to her eye socket and cheek bones. Ouch.

Oh, and the Royals kept up to tradition by losing.

But that's okay...because true fans are there to cheer, win or lose!

Go, Royals!



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Mental P Mama said...

The Yankees are undefeated!!! Oh, sorry.