Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hippity Hop!

After an INSANELY crazy, busy, chaotic week...

...I needed to spend some time with Dear Daughter.

....and what better way to spend some time than taking a class together...right?

Being Easter and all, we found ourselves enrolled today in a Parent/Kid class at my cooking school entitled "Hippity Hop Workshop" - a 3-hour "egg-stravaganza" that was actually quite fun.

And egg-stremely messy.

Here we are....

The ultimate goal of the class was to decorate an Easter do this, we:

...made a "bird's nest" out of Chinese noodles and chocolate. Yum.

...nibbled on frosted popcorn. Delish.

...decorated cookies...

...learned how to "basket-weave" frosting. Doesn't Daughter look intent in this picture?

I'm really proud of her...she did this all by herself. And she did pretty darn good!

She then rolled out gumdrops and modeling chocolate and cut it out with cookie cutters...she also added some food coloring to some coconut, creating Easter "grass"...

And she then put it all together for the finished project:

Doesn't it look YUMMY?!!!

She really did it all herself. I just kinda' took pictures and nibbled on popcorn.

Well. I probably nibbled on a few gumdrops, as well...if truth be known.

Okay, perhaps more than a few.

Moving on.

The most important part?

She had fun. I had fun. And we had fun together.

And tonight?

Well, since I'm allergic to eggs, our house decorates cookies for Easter.

So, Daughter, Hubby and I sat down after church services tonight to play with even MORE frosting and sprinkles:

We each had 4 cookies to decorate, and the cookies at the beginning of our evening turned out very pretty:

By the end of the evening, laziness and sloppiness had set in, as evidenced by this little disaster decorated by Hubby:


But...if one were to love frosting...I guess this would be considered the jackpot cookie, yes?

Happy Easter, friends!



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TheUnSoccerMom said...

VERY cool!! I would love to find a similar class for me and my daughter... :o)

I'm loving your husband's egg... it's abstract art of course!... right?? :o)