Monday, April 11, 2011

Official Awesomeness

Ever have a perfect evening?

We have them every so often, and the other night was pretty spectacular. In fact, it reigns right up there in Official Awesomeness.

It began with tickets to the Royals game. When we arrived, we were directed to park about 112 miles away from where our seats were.

Oh, joy. Not so awesome.

But wait? What is this? As the four of us were hopping out of the car, getting our strength up to begin the 112-mile trek to our seats, a golf cart pulls up...with a Royals employee driving.

He says, "Hey! Do you want a ride?"


I figured that Golf Cart Guy would drop us off within 10 miles of our gate, which would be 102 miles better than where we started, but GET THIS!!! He dropped us off pretty much at the front door to the stadium. Awesome.

We felt like was all I could do to NOT do the Princess Wave-thingy to the minions as we passed them by.

On the golf cart as we zoom by the minions....

Once arriving at the gate, we were all handed t-shirts, as it was T-Shirt Tuesday. Awesome.

Tonight's game was against the Chicago White Sox, and as you can see from the scoreboard, FIRST PLACE WAS ON THE LINE! Yes, the Royals are in first place. Awesome.

Take don't see the Kansas City Royals in first place much. Well, hardly EVER.

Soon, it was time for the national anthem, and to our surprise, country superstar Clay Walker stepped up to the mic. Awesome.

We had a perfect view of the field this time...and our stadium just gets prettier as the night goes on....Awesome.

It was an absolutely beautiful time temperature was 70 degrees...however, the perfect evening was in danger of being ruined relatively quickly. If you look at the bottom of the scoreboard, you'll see that Chicago scored FOUR runs in the first inning - YIKES! Not so awesome.

We didn't give up hope, and sure seen in this beautiful shot of the scoreboard at night, the Royals had now tied the game. Awesome.

A photo of Mickey and me...

About this time, Mickey asked me which guy on the field was the "pitstop." Oh well. She's learning. Pitstop, shortstop - it's all the same, right?!

And a photo of Hubby and son...and son is now on a kick to ruin every picture I take of him. He succeeds.

Unfortunately, it was a school night. And unfortunately, Mickey had testing scheduled at school all the next day. So, consquently, we had to leave before the game was over.

However, the Royals scored a run in the bottom of the 12th-inning to win, 7-6. First place is still ours.



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Mental P Mama said...

What a nice night! Enjoy your spot while it lasts;)