Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Consideration All Around

Waking up rather early Saturday morning, I sleepily stumbled out of my bedroom and began my usual routine of heading to the kitchen to forage for the nearest caffeine.

However, upon leaving my bedroom, I encountered a most-unusual sight...

What's this? A note? Taped to the post outside my bedroom door?


I had to step a little closer to see what this intriguing note said...

"Jackman in there"

"Jackman" would be my son's best friend. Apparently, my son was warning me that his BFF was in the kitchen on an early Saturday morning.

However, upon later reflection, I'm not sure WHO exactly my son was warning...

Was he trying to prevent me from being startled by the sight of Jackman?

...or to warn Jackman from being startled by the sight of me? In my pajamas? In my very-scary bed-head-and-all, no-make-up Saturday morning glory....?

Either way, it was very considerate of him, I think...

...and very considerate of me, on what I did next...

I turned around and promptly went back to bed, preventing Jackman from having a heart attack and giving me some much-needed additional sleep.

A win-win.



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