Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot as Hades???

When I've told friends and family that we will soon be moving to Ft. Myers full-time, the normal reaction has been one of shock, horror and an exclamation of, "Florida??!! Won't it be HOT??!! Are you CRAZY??!!"

As proof that I:

1. have not lost my mind, and

2. will be more than happy,

I offer the following:

This is the 10-day forecast for here in Ft. Myers...and although it calls for rain, the rain occurs every afternoon about 1:30 or 2:00 pm and then moves on out...otherwise, giving us lots of time to enjoy the pool or beach in relatively hot - but not death-defying - temperatures. No heat advisories. No severe storm advisories. Everything is calm, as it should be.


This is the 10-day forecast for Kansas City...who has been under a severe Heat Advisory since Sunday, with heat indexes of 105 degrees to 110 degrees.

While reading my KC friends' statuses on Facebook the last few days, I keep seeing a common theme that runs as follows:

Hot. Oven. Dying. Baking. Hades. Hell on Earth. OMG, it's HOT!

Etcetera. Etcetera.

Although I certainly concede that Florida has its share of crazy people, you cannot conclude that living here is crazy because of the weather.

Enjoy the day, whatever the weather holds in store for you.




Mental P Mama said...

People don't realize this....it is always breezy in Florida...enjoy!

Lu's Place said...

I have a zillion questions for you! Are you going to continue to blog all of your fun things, are you going to continue your Red Cross Volunteering? Do you have a home there already? There that should about do it until I think of something else. Have a fun time. I think it so hot here that the flys don't fly they stroll lol

Drama Queen said...

Hi, Lu!

Yes, I am definitely going to continue blogging all of my adventures - I have a few trips planned coming up, so it should offer some interesting stories, because, as we all know, drama seems to follow me!

And YES - most definitely will continue my Red Cross work - even here in Florida. The Lee County ARC office is only about 5 miles from my house here in Ft. Myers, which is AWESOME!!!

And yes - we bought a house a year ago here right on the Caloosahatchie River...about 8 miles from the beach, but in a very good neighborhood with good schools. The plan is to "vacation" here right now but move permanently next summer...so I'll be back to KC in a few weeks!

Love the fly analogy - that's great!