Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day in the Life: Snow Day

Our first significant snow fell yesterday morning, and although it only amounted to about 2", it was enough to shut down schools and find excuses to hunker down indoors.

Feeling a bit stir crazy, I grabbed the camera and decided to capture the day in photos...and so I present to you:

A Day in the Life of the Drama Queen - with Snow:

Knowing the snow was coming, I wanted to show the lake before the storm - so this was a shot from Sunday, which was an absolutely, gorgeous beautiful day:

By Monday morning, our backyard looked like this:

Our bird feeder was empty, so I pulled on some snow boots and quickly filled it for our feathered friends:

This little guy was patiently waiting for his lunch:

With the birds taken care of, it was now time to take care of the humans...so I whipped up a steaming crockpot of chili:

Daughter decided that we needed a bit of dessert for after dinner, so she baked some chocolate chip cookies:

I trudged out to the mailbox, hoping to find that check from Publisher's Clearing House, but finding nothing but bills:

With my boots now drying by the garage door,

I headed down to the exercise room to put in some mileage on the "dread"-mill:

...while Daughter drank hot chocolate and watched Disney movies:

After my workout, I brewed up some delicious Raspberry Chocolate Truffle coffee:

...and took one last shot of the beauty of the day that God had given us:



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