Thursday, February 23, 2012

Teenage Temper Tantrums

His body prostrate on the floor, he beat his fists and kicked his heels, wailing and whining and screaming, "Oh my GAWD, whaddya' mean, 'Nooooooooo'????????? My life is OVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!"

This was the response from my son recently when I told him we weren't going somewhere.

The problem with this little temper-tantrum tableaux is that my son is 6'5", almost-19 years old, and we were discussing the upcoming Cirque du Soleil's "Immortal World Tour" tribute to Michael Jackson. And how I couldn't get tickets.

Yeah. It was pretty pathetic.

Just like most parents, I somewhat created this monster myself.

It was me, after all, who exposed my kids at a young age to a very wide assortment of music genres - everything from pop, country, jazz, rock 'n roll - even a bit of classical music thrown in - and consequently, my kids were HUGE Michael Jackson fans.


And I apologize for that.

Anyway. Ahem.

So, when we heard that Cirque du Soleil was bringing their show to Kansas City this week, my kids - especially my son - commenced to begging and pleading to go. Every. Single. Day. He begged. He pleaded.

And my answer was no.

In my defense, I had TRIED to get tickets...but months ago, four tickets were hard to come by. They were pretty much either the impossible dream, or a dream to be had for a few hundreds of dollars from the over-priced ticket brokers. I seriously didn't want to take out a second mortgage just so we could watch some clowns dance to "Thriller."

It was when I broke the news to my son that I couldn't get the golden tickets that brought on the full meltdown, which would probably have made for a great new reality television show on TLC: "Teenage Temper Tantrums."

But then a funny thing happened.

Last Friday night, with nothing really better to do, I tried ONE MORE TIME to get tickets by visiting trusty old

And instead of the usual, "There is nothing available per your request" message - or some such similar blather I had been receiving for weeks - a miracle happened.

Four seats popped up. That were extremely reasonably priced - and NOT in the nosebleed section. I wouldn't have to second mortgage the house, and I wouldn't even have to serve bread and potatoes to the family for the next month.

After recovering a bit somewhat from the shock of winning-the-golden ticket-lottery, I quickly seized on the opportunity presented and snatched up those tickets.

Hey. I am a self-confessed Cirque du Soleil junkie, and who am I to not seize an opportunity to see them when they're in my home town?

Moving on. Ahem.

Last night was a delightful evening spent with Hubby and the kids...heading down to the Power and Light Entertainment District for first, dinner...followed by some delicious gelato at Balsano's, and then, strolling up the street to the iconic Sprint Center for:


My kids were grinning. They were happy.

Hubby was tolerant. He is a wonderful man.

And me? I was the Best. Mom. EVER.



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