Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giving Myself A Little Love The Week of Me.

I'm being totally selfish this week, and putting the spotlight on me.

Me. Me. Me.

(For some reason, Toby Keith's "All About Me" keeps singing in my head...go figure.)

"Wanna talk about me
"Wanna talk about I
"Wanna talk about number one
Oh my me my...."

As a mother, wife, friend, daughter - it's sometimes very difficult to think about yourself...we often put ourselves dead last - behind our kids, our spouse, our friends, our parents...

...but this week - It's All About Me.

Because...this is the week I take care of all of those "must-do" things when it comes to my body.

OB-gyn? Check.

Skin cancer doctor? Check.

Mammogram? Check.

Every year, I pick a week in February where I make my annual appointments with all of the necessary evil doctors...and this is that week.

Why February?'s easy for me to remember, as it ties in with Valentine's Day. Which reminds me of love. Which reminds me to love myself. Hey - it's reaching, but it works for me.

Me. Me. Me.

And to reward me for putting up with all of the indignities that some of these appointments bring (gotta' love those little gowns that open in the front!), I have a relaxing facial waiting for me tomorrow with my favorite aesthetician.

In the next few weeks, here's praying for good results from all of these doctors and appointments...I don't anticipate any problems, but you just never know.

If I seem a little anxious or out of sorts, you'll understand, as I wait, with bated breath, for the "all-clear" from every one of these little visits.

Do you have a Week of Me? Have you given yourself a little love lately?



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Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Life's not so "dullsville" now....huh????
I know, the people a person encounters!!!!
So, that's what happens when you put regular gas into a diesel tank??? Now we know!!!!
Take care,