Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Valentine Paradise

As we walked into Finishings for Her, a woman's boutique here in town, Hubby generously waved his hand and said, "Pick out anything you want - I'll get it for you for Valentine's Day."

Intrigued, I sought confirmation...."Anything?" I repeated...somewhat disbelievingly.

"Anything," he stated.

Wow. Alrighty then.

So...what would I choose? Surrounded by gorgeous clothing...blingy Brighton handbags...glitzy was a cornucopia of feminine delights, and knowing that I could choose "anything" was exciting, in itself.

So, what did I choose?

Diamonds? A new couture handbag?

Well, we'll get to that...after I show you the rest of our Valentine's Day extravaganza.

It began that day in the kitchen, where I gathered the following ingredients:

...and put together these darling little Valentine's treats for the family:

These Valentine's Buttons were delicious, as the Hershey's chocolate oozed its sweetness around the saltiness of the pretzel. It was fun to have a homemade treat waiting for everyone as they came home from school and work that evening.

Knowing my love of chocolate, Hubby handed over a box of chocolate delights when he walked in the door from work:

We then headed up to North Kansas City, where we dined at an Argentinean and European-fused restaurant, Piropos Grill...

Waiting at our table was a beautiful bouquet of delicate pink carnations and white roses:

After feasting on succulent crab cakes, creamy lobster bisque soup, and savory filet, the restaurant handed me a yellow rose (which I stuck in my bouquet, above), and it was time for us to head back home.

But first...this shopping trip.

What to get? A new outfit? A new purse? New shoes? New bling?

To be honest, I had to follow my heart...and my heart told me to get this:

That's my team. My Missouri Tigers. A new watch and earrings showing support for my beloved black and gold.

It doesn't take much to make me happy...I don't need diamonds or platinum mines or Bentleys...

Just some chocolates...simple flowers...a nice dinner...and cheap jewelry rockin' my team....

And one more thing...a heartfelt, handmade card from my daughter, waiting for us when we got home:

"Roses are red, violets are blue...there's no way I could stop loving you.
Your like the world, and I'm like the wind. We're together until the end.
I just want to say thanks. And this is no prank. I love you."

"Dear Mom and Dad: Thank you so much for taking care of me, feeding me, watching over me, and most of all, loving me.
We're always together through good times and bad. And we'll always will be loving each other."


Could Valentine's Day have been any better?

I don't think so.




Mental P Mama said...

It just doesn't get better...

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Wow, what a wonderful day you had. That card pulls at the heartstrings..for sure!!!