Monday, May 28, 2012

An Apple A Day? This Could Get Expensive!


My name is Sherri and I am a gadget-aholic.

I'm not really sure where my addiction to all-things-new-and-shiny-and-techy started...but I know I have suffered from this affliction for as long as I can remember, and I also know it drives my Hubby nuts.

NUTS, I'm tellin' ya'.

In all fairness, I should lay the blame totally at the feet of the late Steve Jobs and his Apple products, which I swear have some sort of intoxicating, addicting chemicals laced through, it's not my fault. Well....that's my story, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

This past week, due to forces beyond my control, my Mac laptop was somewhat...incapacitated. (Okay - I was dumb and left it plugged in during a tremendous lightning storm. My bad. I guess it WAS in my control...but I digress.)

While hyperventilating in a state of apoplectic shock, I quickly took Mac into the local Mac emergency room...i.e., the nearest Apple store. There, the wonderful Apple doctors quickly fixed me up and sent me on my way - at no charge, no less! Those guys are really awesome there, which is why I am hooked on all-things-Apple.


Now, the story would have ended here on a happy note if I wasn't suffering from severe Apple-hoarding syndrome...which is a symptom of my deeper affliction, Gadgetaholism.

Seriously...don't send me into a candy store and expect me to not buy any candy.

Just the SMELLS inside the Apple store do me in.

So, several hundred dollars later, I walked out of the Apple store with an upgraded iPhone...darn it.

Because, you know, my old iPhone was ancient at three years and four versions ago. It was soooooo yesterday.

Now I have Siri. And it's white.

And it's shiny. And it's new.

Instant love.

Sigh. I don't think this is what they meant when they say, "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away...."

I need help.



Mental P Mama said... children were allowed to make stock picks for their accounts starting at the age of around 8. They always wanted more Apple stock. When they turned 16, they were able to sell some and buy themselves each a car. They will be 21 in July...I cannot wait to see their next Apple windfall. Keep shopping! Oh, and I am right there with you!

Lu's Place said...

I just have to tell you this. You will just chuckle, if not yell with uncontrollable laughter. 8 years ago I bought an Emachine computer and it works just fine. My daughter who is a guru was having a fit, so she bought me a laptop, so within weeks I burned it up by leaving it on the carpet for an hour while talking on the phone. Then she thought I should have another one so we went halfsies, then she thought I needed a Kindle instead of real books, then an IPad2. I just do not need an Apple Store. I let my daughter do my shopping for me!!