Friday, May 18, 2012

Meet the Quackers

Over the years, our household population has expanded and decreased at various times... one point, we had five kids and two adults...

...some kids moved on and moved out, but they would be replaced by a foreign exchange student here or there....

Over the last few years, our census has been slowly shrinking, as our little birds flee the nest.

And speaking of nests....

We now have three new members of our household.

Meet....the Ducks.

The Ducks moved into our backyard about a week ago, and they appear to be quite comfortable with their surroundings. Mama Duck appears to be a bit injured, and I'm not sure if her sore leg is what has "grounded" the ducks to our little abode - but it's been quite fun to watch their antics.

The two male ducks love to chase each other around in the back yard, while Mama Duck sits and chastises them. They just ignore her - as teenage males are prone to do with their interfering mama.

Things are no different in the animal world, apparently, as they are in the people world.

When the boys aren't causing trouble, they sit...quietly and loyally...taking care of their mama. We've watched them as they waddle along beside her as she limps her way down to our dock, which fortunately, isn't too far.

And you're probably wondering...really? You're blogging about a trio of ducks in your back yard? Why am I still here? Why am I still reading this?

But if you ARE still reading this...then you know just how kinda' cool it is to have your own backyard.

Life can move pretty fast - and it's moments like these, when you stop and watch the ducks, that makes it all worthwhile.



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Lu's Place said...

Hi, Girl. I am sorry I haven't been on the ball to write or read lately. Lately? Nah, for a long time. I just woke up from a 4 hour nap and feel pretty good, so thought I would catch up with you. I startd out with the little ducks and they made my day. They took me back in time almost 20 years when we raised them on the "farm". They are so cute. Mama resembles human mamas. They look over their little ones as long as they can. Thanks for sharing, Kiddo.