Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Jersey Boys

Growing up as a child of the 60's and 70's, with a name of "Sherri", I was constantly subjected to classmates and friends serenading me with the classic tune, "Sherry Baby".... know the one...the Frankie Valli & Four Seasons classic from 1962, where the guys croon, "Won't you come out tonight??!!"

I hated it.

Oh, I hated it. I would gnash my teeth, clench my jaws, and suffer through it, as I lamented, "Why, oh why, did I get a horrible, sucky name like 'Sherri'"?

Over the years, my name kinda' grew on me - either that, or I just got too old to sweat the small stuff, like a sucky first name - and I eventually even began kinda' liking my name.

So, when the Broadway hit show, "Jersey Boys", came to Kansas City on tour - which tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - I was first in line to get tickets.

Hubby and I gussied up a bit last night, because - well, after all - I WAS the guest of honor. I mean, there's a freakin' SONG all about ME in this show, so I wanted to be looking chic and fly.

We headed down to the Music Hall, and there we partook in the fun of "Jersey Boys."

Now, this show has been around since 2005...but hasn't been to Kansas City before - so it was my first time to see it. I knew it had garnered not one, not two, but FOUR Tony Awards in 2006 - including Best Musical - so I was expecting great things.

And for the most part - it delivered.

It follows the rise - and fall - and eventual rise again - of the original Four Seasons...and the story, as written, was done uniquely and creatively. Loved the story, so I will give it an A+.

The set design, as well as the staging, was also unique - it was choreographed down to a science, and it was obvious that much rehearsal had to be done to get it so polished. A+ on this, as well.

Where the show fell a little flat for me was in the music. Now, don't get me wrong - the music is great, and the entire audience was singing along and having a great time.

But...trying to find someone who is NOT Frankie Valli - and asking them to SING like Frankie Valli - is asking a lot. I mean, really? The ONLY guy who can do Frankie Valli justice is Frankie Valli himself. He's got SUCH a unique voice, that asking someone else to "do" him is asking the impossible.

Oh, they had good actors...who did a pretty good job at giving us the ESSENCE of the Four Seasons - but it wasn't exact. I'll give them a B on the singing.

And for show overall? B+

So - all in all, we had a great time - seeing a great show - listening to some awesome nostalgic music -

And hearing MY song. It's all about me.

Sherry, baby.



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JP Choudhary said...

I truly love that show. I grew up with my dad going on and on about how good Frankie was and I'm so glad he did. I too have searched endlessly for a biography of sorts for them, but never found anything worthwhile.

As for Jersey Boys, I have seen it in San Francisco while tickets were cheap at