Thursday, May 17, 2012

Learning to Listen's official.

I've been assigned my bib number for the upcoming Hospital Hill run on June 2, here in Kansas City.

Lucky number 6270.

Unfortunately, the 10k is pretty much not an option for me anymore. Nope. Not gonna' happen.

It had become increasingly evident that running long distances really aggravates adhesions from my gallbladder surgery a few months back. And when I say "aggravates", I mean as in - REALLY aggravates. A tight, pinching pain where the surgeon went in...creating discomfort in the most mundane things such as sitting and sleeping.

And when you're in extreme pain from just sitting or sleeping - you know you're in trouble.

Fortunately, though, the wonderful organizers of the Hospital Hill will allow me to drop down to the 5k on race day - which will still be a tad bit painful, but won't likely kill me, as the 10k would have.

Yes, I'm disappointed that I won't be running my first 10k...but knowing that I'm listening to my body and being aware of the cues it is sending me, I realize I'm doing the smart and wise thing....

It's sometimes hard to listen...whether we're listening to our children...or our spouses...or our friends...or our bosses...we sometimes tune them out and plow right on, thinking we "know better" and don't have to listen to anyone.

And we sometimes don't listen to even ourselves...such as when your body is telling you, "Slow down. Take it easy. I can't do this."

The old-me would have refused to listen to this, and would have plowed right on, running the 10k until I dropped. Pain be damned.

The new-me is learning to listen. To be patient. To know when to slow down. To know when to say no.

Yes, it would have been amazingly-awesome to have conquered a 10k before I turn 50 in a month...but it's not to be, and I'm okay with that.

Time for a new goal.

Perhaps a 10k before I turn 90.

Sounds like a plan.



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