Saturday, May 19, 2012


If there's one thing I am not lacking, it's kefi.

Yup - my kefi is very evident lately - which is a good thing, because if you've lost your kefi - then what's the point, really?

And what is kefi?

Passion...enthusiasm...zest for life.


Greeks have kefi. They have that passion...that enthusiasm...that zest for life.

And tonight, we celebrated our family's familial kefi by indulging in some delicious Greek food at a local restaurant, where belly-dancing, plate smashing, and ouzo abounds.

Although in the spirit of full disclosure, I should state here that I, personally, did not abound in belly-dancing, plate smashing or ouzo. Not only did I not abound, I didn't even partake. Although I was certainly tempted - especially the ouzo.

The food was delicious...we began with a shared appetizer of Saganaki, which is a flaming cheese served with pita bread. Yes - it's served flambe, which my kids thought was pretty awesome.

The cheese was hot, delicious and ooey-gooey...and we snarfed it up in no time.

For dinner, we each got something different...

...12-year old daughter enjoyed her Kotopoulo Riganato, otherwise known as broiled chicken seasoned with lemon and oregano...

...19-year old son knoshed on a Chicken Kabob, which was seasoned exactly the way he liked it...

...22-year old son went traditional with the Gyro Plate...

...Hubby went for the Pork Chops, which I wouldn't have thought of as "Greek" - but they were delicious...

...and I went for something new and different, the Dolmathes, where were grape leaves stuffed with ground beef topped with an egg lemon sauce. Delicious - especially the lemon sauce.

After dinner, we came home and popped in "My Life in Ruins" in the DVR, which is a delightful romantic comedy set against the stunning backdrop of beautiful Greece.

A great Greek night...celebrating our kefi.

Sometimes, it's fun to step outside our box...our comfort zones, if you will...and explore new ideas. My kids were hesitant at first, but they all came away this evening with something they liked.

Their kefi was renewed.



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