Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: Molly's Cupcakes

...the one in which my Quest for the Perfect Cupcake comes to an end....

It was now about 5:30 pm on Monday evening, June 24th....we're hanging out in Greenwich Village, awaiting our Ghost Tour which wasn't scheduled to begin until 8:00 pm. The Plan had us going out for pizza at Bleecker Street Pizza, but we were still pretty full from our amazing food tour at lunchtime. We decided to punt the pizza and head to Washington Square Park instead, where we could sit down and relax and do a little people-watching.

As we were heading to the park, we happened to walk past Molly's Cupcakes*.


I "go" with bakeries like a dog goes with fire hydrants. Seriously, I have this instinctive desire to "mark" every bakery that I come into contact with...and so, how could I pass this one up? WAS on The Plan...I had originally planned for us to visit Molly's Cupcakes AFTER we'd indulged in pizza. And here we were. Right across the street from Molly's, without even TRYING to find it.

Surely, it was destiny.

A sign on the front window proudly proclaimed Molly's Cupcakes as a winner in Food Network's Cupcake Wars...which, intriguing as that may be, doesn't mean Molly's will win my OWN personal Quest for the Perfect Cupcake in "NYC Cupcake Wars". I am skeptical, as I have yet to find that perfect cupcake.

Walking in, we are tickled that the place is not packed. Apparently, hitting a cupcake bakery at prime dinner hour will insure that you won't be standing in a line....We were able to walk right up to the cupcake display case and begin ogling the goodies:

They're already scoring points...because not only do they have signs describing the cupcakes, their signs are CUTE and whimsical. Love this.

Look at how cute this is??!!

After much thought, I went with the Salted Caramel Butterscotch Cupcake...something about mixing the salt with the sweet seemed interesting:

I split the cupcake open, and I could see immediately that this cupcake was not going to be dry and crumbly...the moisture was evident to see, as well as the bonus cream filling:

So...I took a bite.


Oh. My. God.


Yup. Game over. My Quest for the Perfect Cupcake ended here at Molly's Cupcake in the Village...that cupcake was a perfect blend of flavors, moisture, and texture. It was a burst of happiness in my mouth, and I was one very, very, very happy girl.

So, Molly's Cupcakes - you have now won TWO Cupcake Wars...Food Network's, as well as the Drama Queen's....Congratulations!

And if finding the Perfect Cupcake wasn't happiness enough, there are swings at the counter to sit on:



Eating a perfect cupcake...on a Greenwich Village...on a perfect Monday night...with my Hubby and Daughter.

Have I died and gone to Heaven?

Because it truly felt like it.


*Molly's Cupcakes can be found at 228 Bleecker Street. I suggest you memorize that address. You will need it next time you visit NYC.


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