Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Plan: Sunday, June 23rd


After an exhausting - albeit amazing - first full day in Manhattan, we scaled back our plans for Sunday. Our proposed schedule looked like this:

9:00 AM Metropolitan Museum of Art

11:00 AM Walking Tour of the Met with Art Guide

5:00 PM Visit Tiffany & Co

6:00 PM Dinner at Pret A Manger

7:00 PM Empire State Building

8:30 PM Sunset at Empire State Building

9:30 PM Spot Dessert Bar


This is the scaled back version....


I am pretty much certifiably insane....

Just be thankful YOU'RE not married to me. would our day go? Would it go as scheduled?

I'll tell you right now...for the most part, it went pretty well...with the exception of one HUGE meltdown that occurred on the streets of Manhattan...and sadly, that temper tantrum was NOT from Daughter.


Stay tuned....


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