Monday, July 29, 2013

The Plan: Wednesday, June 26th

If you're following along on our NYC adventures, well...I'm amazed. Really. Kudos to you for your patience and stamina as we slog through this...I promise, though, there are more AMAZING photos and AMAZING well as our one celebrity encounter.

Okay. Perhaps "AMAZING" is a stretch, but it's an attention grabber, and I needed something to grab your attention in the first sentence. An old writing trick, if you will. Six months from now, when we finally get to the end of this trip report, my dear readers will have NO MEMORY anymore that I promised you "AMAZING." Hee.

Anyway, we're up to Wednesday, June 26th. We have good news and good news today.

The good news is that we're going to explore the lower tip of Manhattan - known as the Financial District, or Wall Street. We'll also visit the 9/11 area, which is in that same area.

A view of the financial district....

Yup - heading south - to the Financial District at the lower tip....

The OTHER good news is that a cold front - so to speak - has moved in, and the temperatures and humidity have dropped to a more comfortable level. Not that we need cooler temperatures, because, as we'll find out, the Financial District is pretty much nothing but GIANT, TALL skyscrapers that shade everything in sight.

Anyway - here is THE PLAN:

10:00 AM 2-hour Walking Tour with the "Wall Street Experience"

12:00 PM Lunch - perhaps at Shake Shack?

2:00 PM 9/11 Memorial Tour/Museum visit

6:00 PM Dinner at Fig & Olive Restaurant

8:00 PM Broadway show - "Mamma Mia"

Let's see how we did on our plan...not TOO ambitious, right??!!


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Mike said...

Hey its swim13 from Cruise Critic!

I would absolutely love to go down to the Financial District, I love tall buildings and would love to see the memorial!