Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Plan: Saturday, June 22nd


…the one in which I pretty much die. Really.

I’m not sure what delusional crack I was smoking the day I planned our activities for this Saturday…it must have been some good stuff, because looking back, I can’t BELIEVE how ambitious I was in our schedule. It was insane. INSANE. Here is what The Plan looked like for the day:

9:00 am Central Park Walking Tour (2 hours)

12:00 pm Food Truck & Cart Walking Tour (3 hours)

3:00 pm Graffiti & Street Art Walking Tour (3 hours)

6:30 pm Dinner at Tony Di Napoli’s Italian Restaurant

8:30 pm Experience “The Ride” Bus Tour (90 minutes)

10:00 pm Cupcakes at Cake Boss Café

HOLY CANNOLI, BATMAN...that's a lotta' stuff on The Plan!!!

So…did we accomplish all of this???

Did all go according to plan???

Would I need a straitjacket before the end of the day - because, obviously, I am certifiable - for even ATTEMPTING this plan???

Or - worse - would Hubby be serving me divorce papers before the day was out - for planning all of this??!!

Or - would I be praying for someone to shoot me, putting me out of my misery, by the end of the day??!!

Actually, one of these last three statements is true...but which one??

Stay tuned….!


*Image from HERE


Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Sherri, you really pack alot into a day. You didn't get that all done, did you??
Thanks for the tip.
We have this picture of the bull with no head. That's where everyone was or the other end!!!!!
Enjoying your trip. Keep on writing!!!!

Sherri O said...

Bwahahahaha, Lois...of COURSE we got it all done! Would you expect any different from me??!! But it about killed me. :)

I don't know that anyone can get a good picture of the bull - too many tourists around it!