Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Plan: Tuesday, June 25th

Oh, my goodness - we're up to Tuesday, June 25th of our NYC adventures! Boy, time is flying (not)!!!

The plan today was to explore a neighborhood that is somewhat off the beaten path for tourists...but is rich in culture, history and diversity. We're going to head north - north of Central Park - to visit Harlem.

Harlem, a neighborhood of Manhattan, was once a Dutch village - but then become an African American stronghold beginning in the 1920's. A lot of people would be surprised to learn that African Americans are now becoming the MINORITY in today's Harlem. There has been a huge influx of Hispanics and white people in the last decade, making the area very diverse. The area is also in the process of becoming "gentrified" - property values are going up, and crime statistics are going down. Recently, an apartment in Harlem sold for $4 million - which would have been unheard of twenty years ago.

The list of famous people who have lived - or live - in Harlem is staggering...a partial list includes: Mandy Patinkin (actor), Terrance Mann (actor), Neil Patrick Harris (actor), Marcia Gay Harden (actress), Angela Bassett (actress), Maya Angelou (author), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (athlete), Alicia Keys (singer), and Billy Dee Williams (actor).

This is probably the neighborhood that I was MOST looking forward to...but let's look at The Plan, first....

So, The Plan for today was:

7:00 am Visit set of "Good Morning, America"

11:00 am 4-hour cultural/food walking tour of Harlem

5:30 pm Dinner at Junior's Restaurant in theater district

7:00 pm "Once, the Musical" on Broadway

9:30 pm Dessert at Serendipity restaurant

Let's just say that...due to some unforeseen happenings...we did NOT accomplish everything on the plan. Let's see how we did, though!


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