Friday, January 14, 2011

Cooking Classes Part 1

The first night of cooking class, and only one finger was sacrificed.

Not bad, huh?

Yes, tonight I began my culinary adventure, with a 3.5-hour beginner's course in cooking.

And first and foremost, for any chef, is the knives.


We chopped and diced and minced - and although initially it seemed awkward, it eventually was a piece of cake. And actually rather fun!

And I really did slice one of my fingers - but what's a little blood when you're learning new skills and expanding your horizons? It only hurt a bit. Besides - blood adds a little flavor to the food, right?

We then learned chicken stock and beef stock, and then made three very delicious recipes: Chicken Chasseur, Rice Pilaf, and sauteed fall vegetables.

Dee. Li. Shus.

It's now 10:45 p.m., and I just got home - and I have to be back at class at 9:00 a.m. sharp. (ha - a knife pun. Get it?!) A full day of cooking - and again on Sunday.

Will I be exhausted?

Yes. I already am.

Will it be worth it?

Yes. It already is.

Catch you later, peeps - I have to get some sleep so I am ready to kick some chef butt tomorrow in class.




Mental P Mama said...

Awesome! Maybe you should invest in a flak jacket;)

David said...

Kevlar gloves? I actually have three pair.

Jenny said...

This is really exciting.