Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lucy & Ethel on Sorority Row

Way back in the Dark Ages, I was a fresh-faced, idealistic, somewhat naive, college girl...happily taking on the world of academics, dating, and fraternity parties...not necessarily in that order. Ahem.

During my four-year quest through the halls of higher education, as well as the various venues of fraternity houses, I had a very close-knit bunch of sorority sisters by my side, who were there for support, advice, companionship, and most importantly - Fun. With a capital F.

Most definitely a lot of Fun.

Two sorority sisters stood out - "V" and "L". We'll save the story of "V" for another day - as she deserves her own post, what with the adventures we had together.

Today's story is about "L."

L and I clicked from the very start - we were Ying and Yang, Fric and Frac...

...or, perhaps Lucy and Ethel would be more somehow, if there was Trouble to be found, we would find it. With a capital T.

For years, we'd ricochet from one adventure to the next, and many late nights were spent staying awake in the darkened sorority house as we'd discuss our boyfriends, our classes, our parents - and most importantly, our dreams. Such dreams we had back then.

Unfortunately, as what happens sometimes, after our respective graduations - "Lucy" and I lost track of each other. She went one way and I went the other - pursuing those dreams that we had spent so much time talking about.

Fast forward 25 years to the present day - and with the magic reconnecting powers of Facebook, "Lucy" and I rediscovered each other and planned a reunion for this past Friday night.

We spent a delightful FOUR hours over a delicious Indian dinner, laughingly trying to catch up on each other's lives...our husbands, our jobs, our families - and as always, our dreams. Only in this case, our dreams for our kids and our grandkids.

My, how times have changed - and yet, time had stood still. We slipped right back into the girls we once were - laughing, giggling, sharing, entrusting...

It was pretty special.

I've heard some negative stories about Facebook, but every now and in this gets it right.

Watch out, world. Lucy and Ethel have reconnected.



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Mental P Mama said...

Love these stories of FB goodness! What were you? I'm a Pi Phi.....