Monday, January 31, 2011


I've been a little busy the last day or case you haven't heard, we have "Snowmageddon" heading our way tonight...the biggest storm of the year, and only the 2nd Blizzard Warning that Kansas City's had since 1982.


How old was I in 1982? Oh yeah...I was 20.

Dang - I wasn't even legal yet to buy alcohol then.

In 1982, I was a sophomore in college, and I'd have to "fraternize" in order to imbibe. Ahem.

Anywho, because tomorrow will be the End Of The World As We Know It (according to every television news station in Kansas City), Hubby and I have been batting down the hatches and refreshing our survival kits.

Full tank of gas in our cars? Check.

Extra food & water in the house? Check.

Extra gas for the all-so-important snow-blower? Check.

Extra batteries for the flashlights, candles, and propane for the camping stove? Check.

Bird feeders all filled for our little fine-feathered friends? Check.

Bring it on - we're ready to hunker down and ride it out.

In the meantime, though, the American Red Cross in the area is gearing up as well, in case we have to open up storm shelters. These would be needed if highways were to shut down, leaving travelers stranded...or if the power were to go out, leaving people without heat.

So - besides insuring that my own family is ready, I've also had to make sure that I, myself, am ready, in case I'm deployed.

Warm clothes & boots? Check.

Shelter skills all up to date? Check.

Overnight bag in case I'm spending the night - or nights - in the shelter? Check.

Bring it on, Mother Nature.

Snowmageddon? Snowapocalypse?


In all seriousness, blizzards can be extremely I hope all of my family and friends are safe and warm during the next 36 hours....



LDswims said...

I hope you stay warm and safe as well as that all in your area stay safe.

I'm ready for some cold, too! We wake up tomorrow at 62 degrees and watch the temp fall all day long to high 20's at rush hour. Thankfully, no rain in the forecast til thurs - but it might be Houston! :)

LDswims said...

I nominated you for an award.